How to Overcome Your Fear of Couples Counseling

Couples or marriage counseling can save a marriage in trouble or make a mediocre relationship a great one. Yet, it can be difficult to muster the courage to attend the first session. Often, the refusal to seek counseling is done out of fear – fear that your weaknesses and failings will be held up to the light for everyone to scrutinize. Here's how to prepare for the first session so you can overcome any fears or misgivings and begin the work necessary to save your relationship. [Read More]

When Your Life Seems Like An Unsatisfying Roller Coaster Of Crises

If you have spent your life reeling from one catastrophe to the next, or going through a roller coaster of tumultuous emotions, and have trouble have trouble maintaining satisfying relationships with other people, you may fall in complete despair and feel life is not worth living. There are some things you can do to improve your life and feel happier. Develop Some Insight It could be therapeutic to take a look at your initial environment. [Read More]