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How To Get Help For Drug Addiction With No Insurance

Dealing with a drug or chemical dependency can be very difficult.  It could cause you to lose the support of friends, family members or even jobs.  Coming to grips with the fact that you need help is the first step in the right direction.  However, once you realize that you can't do it alone, the monetary factor comes into play.  What do you do to get help if you don't have the medical insurance coverage that you need to get well?  There is hope.  Use this information to learn more about how to get help for drug addiction even if you don't insurance.

Seek Out Non-Profits

One of the first routes that you can take to get help for drug dependency when you don't have medical coverage is to seek out non-profits.  Non-profit groups are funded by grants, donations and tax-payers, so they typically won't charge individuals who need help.

Churches, former addict groups and Samaritan organizations are a good place to start with non-profits.  Some of them may require that you stay on the premises in order to receive care, so be prepared to leave your former life in order to gain a new way of living. 

Pro-Bono Rehabilitation Facilities Are A Good Choice

Another method you can use to get help for drug addiction with no insurance is to find a rehabilitation facility that offers services on a pro-bono, or free, basis.  These facilities offer counseling, housing and chemical substitution services free of charge to people who don't have the ability to pay for services.

Pro-bono rehabilitation services are helpful because they give you the chance to get away from the surroundings that kept you complacent, so you can get the help you need.  These could be clinics or medical centers, but they are all aimed at the final goal: getting you well.

You'll find psychological support at rehabilitation centers that you may not have known that you needed.  While some of these centers do require you to be below a certain financial threshold, there are likely understanding individuals there who may realize that no matter what your income is, a good portion of it is going to support the dependency that you want to change.  Reaching out to these centers is one of the best ways to find relief.

You don't have to fight your addiction alone.  Regardless of whether or not you have insurance, contact one of these facilities today so you can have a better tomorrow. Visit a website like to learn more.