Is Your Misbehaved Child Making You Feel Like A Terrible Parent? What To Know

Are you struggling with the behavior of your child and how you think it directly reflects your parenting skills and abilities? If so, it may be time to reach out and get some help. Being a parent is incredibly stressful, but letting the pressure get to you can end up pushing you over the edge or forcing you into the parent you don't want to be. There are many options to help you be a better parent and person, and you'll want to consider doing the following.

What Is A DUI Assessment?

When you get a DUI, you will likely encounter many legal mechanisms designed to prevent you from getting another DUI in the future. In addition to the criminal penalties that you may face, you may also be asked to undergo a DUI assessment. This FAQ will help you understand what a DUI assessment is and why a DUI assessment can be helpful. What is a DUI assessment? A DUI assessment is an evaluation of your chemical dependency.

3 Tips To Help You Overcome Your Depression

Depression comes in all shapes and sizes. Anyone can be affected at any point in time. From someone who just gave birth to someone who lost a loved one, depression can affect your life in ways you never imagined possible. Instead of letting it take control of your life, it's time you turn things around and take control of it. You can overcome depression by following the three tips below.

Lavender Oil: A Natural Way To Treat Anxiety And Depression

If you have been feeling down for weeks or months, seeking help from a counselor can be an effective way to treat your problem. Feeling down can be caused by anxiety and depression, and talking things out with a counselor can make a difference. In addition, you might want to try using lavender essential oil to help you find relief too. This is a natural way to treat anxiety and depression, and it can be extremely effective if your symptoms are mild to moderate.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Time With Your Life Coach

If you are thinking about working with a life coach to hone in on personal goals, there are a few things that you can do to make this a more effective experience. Just seeing a life coach won't automatically cause change, you will need to be an active participant in the process. Here are four ways you can make the most out of your life coach sessions and goals. 1. Pick the Right Life Coach

Model Kit Building Provides A Unique Form Of Art Therapy

Art therapy is a unique counseling strategy designed to help people overcome psychological issues. Through engaging in art therapy, a person can express him/herself in such a way that anxieties, depressed feeling, and neuroses are alleviated. For those who do not have artistic skills, a ready-made option exists. Building a model kit provides a fine alternative for getting good results out of these creative therapy sessions. Capturing the Past and Calming the Mind

Tips For Being Less Defensive In Close Relationships

One of the major problems that many people in relationships suffer is becoming too defensive. When your partner criticizes you, it's not just another person telling you something that you might want to consider fixing. It is the person to whom you have linked your life that you trust beyond all other and whose opinion you value. If the person who you want to look good for brings up something that you need to fix, you might have a knee-jerk reaction and find yourself passionately defending yourself so that you can restore yourself in that other person's eyes.

Why You Should Consider Premarital Counseling

Are you currently in the midst of planning your dream wedding? Even though you might be focused on picking the perfect invitations and gathering names and addresses for your guest list, you need to find a little time for counseling. Sure, it may seem as though you have the perfect relationship, and that might be the case, but everyone can benefit from premarital counseling. Take a few moments to review the following benefits so that you can see just why it is such an important part of the wedding planning process.

How To Get Help For Drug Addiction With No Insurance

Dealing with a drug or chemical dependency can be very difficult.  It could cause you to lose the support of friends, family members or even jobs.  Coming to grips with the fact that you need help is the first step in the right direction.  However, once you realize that you can't do it alone, the monetary factor comes into play.  What do you do to get help if you don't have the medical insurance coverage that you need to get well?

2 Reasons To Seek Marriage Counseling Before You Really Need It

When you think of marriage counseling, you may picture a couple that is on the brink of divorce sitting in an office trying to work through major problems. While this is true in many cases, other couples choose to seek counseling before they reach this point. If you are starting to experience minor problems in your marriage, you too may want to consider getting help now. Here are two benefits marriage counseling can offer, even when the problems you have seem minor.