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What Is A DUI Assessment?

When you get a DUI, you will likely encounter many legal mechanisms designed to prevent you from getting another DUI in the future. In addition to the criminal penalties that you may face, you may also be asked to undergo a DUI assessment. This FAQ will help you understand what a DUI assessment is and why a DUI assessment can be helpful.

What is a DUI assessment?

A DUI assessment is an evaluation of your chemical dependency. DUI assessments are intended to help the court determine whether or not you require DUI counseling, and if so, how much. DUI assessments are advantageous for people convicted of a DUI because they can help the person get the drug or alcohol counseling they need. Ultimately, DUI assessments are meant to help people with drug and alcohol problems to live a safer and more functional life.

What happens in a DUI assessment?

A DUI assessment is usually done as a face-to-face interview with an assessor who has been trained and certified by the state where you live. During the assessment, the assessor will ask you questions regarding your drug and alcohol use and your history with drugs and alcohol. The questions may focus on topics such as: how often you think about drugs or alcohol, how many times you take drugs or alcohol to get through the day, whether or not your alcohol use has interfered with personal relationships and more.

DUI assessments are extensive, time-consuming and believed to be quite accurate. Some assessments are completed by medical doctors and involve blood or urine samples.

Once you've taken a DUI assessment, what happens if it's determined you have a drinking problem?

If it's decided that you have a drinking problem, you'll be asked to complete DUI counseling before you can get your license back and begin driving again. The amount of DUI counseling that you're assigned to get will depend on your perceived level of drug or alcohol dependence. The more severe your drug or alcohol dependence is, the more extensive your DUI counseling will be.

For more information about DUI counseling and DUI assessment, contact a certified DUI counselor in your area today. He or she can answer your questions and help you prepare for your DUI assessment or counseling. The more that you know about what to expect during your DUI assessment and counseling, the better the experience may be for you. Companies like the Counseling Center of Illinois may be able to meet your needs in this area.