Seeking Refuge Through Counseling

Model Kit Building Provides A Unique Form Of Art Therapy

Art therapy is a unique counseling strategy designed to help people overcome psychological issues. Through engaging in art therapy, a person can express him/herself in such a way that anxieties, depressed feeling, and neuroses are alleviated. For those who do not have artistic skills, a ready-made option exists. Building a model kit provides a fine alternative for getting good results out of these creative therapy sessions.

Capturing the Past and Calming the Mind

Allowing patients to choose their own particular form of art therapy is important because it provides insights into the patient's mind. Building model kits is usually thought as an activity enjoyed by children. An adult who chooses to build a model kit as part of an art therapy session could be trying to tap into the past and recapture feelings from a simpler time.

Someone who loved cars as a young teenager might be able to relive those joyous times through building model cars from that era. The process of building the model might trigger positive feelings and put the patient in a better state of mind. As the mind calms, a patient may become relaxed and be more forthcoming during sessions with a mental health therapist.

Different Model Kits Create Unique Individual Insights

The type of model kit a patient selects may prove revealing. Model kits of space crafts may reflect a desire to "reach for the skies" and pirate ships could indicate the person has a feeling for adventure. A fixation on model kits that are gruesome or violent might open a doorway into the hidden, inner pain the individual is suffering from. No matter what type of model is chosen, there may be interesting insights derived from the selection.

Even garish models could have some benefit. During the classic monster movie fad of the 1960's, psychologists noted creature models were good for children because the kits helped kids overcome their fears. The book The Aurora History and Price Guide revealed psychologists felt the monster could reflect a deep-rooted fear and having control over the model kit creates a means of empowerment. By controlling the model kit, the patients may find a way to control the roots of his/her fear.

Keeping Notes for Later Review

Patients may wish to keep written or audio notes of their feeling and thoughts during the model building/art therapy sessions. A lot will run through the patient's mind while creating a model. Keeping track of thoughts during the session allows the patient to better convey things during an individual therapy session. As a result, the therapy session ends up being more beneficial.

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