Seeking Refuge Through Counseling

Do You Worry You Have A Depressed Teenager? Prepare This Information And Call A Mental Health Psychologist Today

Does your teen seem to be struggling to enjoy school, have a social life, or want to leave the house? If so, you want to see a mental health professional and get the teen evaluated.

Teens today have a lot of struggles that weren't issues for generations in the past, like social media, dealing with virtual or hybrid learning, high expectations, and more. If your teen is struggling, you want to get them help before it gets any worse. Here are some things to discuss with a mental health psychologist before your teen's appointment.

Habit Changes

Keep a list going of things that you notice changing with your teen over the past year or so if you've noticed their personality is different. This can include:

  • Change in sleeping habits
  • Different friend groups or no friends
  • Retreating from family and friends
  • Loss of appetite or binge eating
  • Educational concerns like poor grades or disciplinary problems
  • Fashion and wardrobe changes
  • Bad attitude
  • Lots of activity on a phone, gaming station, or electronic device

All of these things could be indications to the mental health professional about what is going on with your teen.

Getting the Teen to Comply

When telling your teen that you would like them to see someone to talk about what is going on in your life, let them know right away it isn't going to be just one appointment. Many people see a mental health professional as a part of a healthy lifestyle, and you want to schedule a handful of sessions right away. Talk with the expert about tips to get the teen there, things the teen should expect, and more.

Family History

If you and the teen have a family history of any type of mental health disorder, or even a family history of something like ADHD or an eating disorder, these are all things that you want to bring up. Many different symptoms can be indicators of a variety of issues, and the mental health psychologist needs all of the information they can get about the teen's family medical history.

If you feel like your teen is slipping away or that they aren't the same version of themselves as they once were, get help. Your teen may not even realize that they need help or see how bad their attitude and lifestyle have become. Find a mental health psychologist in your area and get the teen started today.